Black Island Studios
From a small conference room to a large studio
Location studio
Using your own work premises and locations

We have access to many professional film and television studios in Cambridgeshire, London and throughout the UK. These range from a basic corporate conference room to a fully kitted out broadcast production studio such as Black Island studios in London.

The studios we use offer excellent facilities including: parking, sound options, drive-in access, grip, lighting, greenscreen, motion control rigs and on-site catering.

With many corporate video productions where we use your own premises or locations there is no need to pay additional fees for the hire of studios, which helps keep your costs much lower.

Whether it's for a corporate video, educational video, training video, informercial, music video or documentary, our experienced and professional crew will help ensure that your production goes smoothly by analysing your requirements to identify the perfect studio space, set up and facilities that your production requires.