HD broadcast camcorder
Shooting interviews on location
HD broadcast camcorder
Shooting on location to the highest production standards
HD broadcast camcorder
Shooting at clients office location

Generic Pool Productions use the very latest state-of-the-art 4K and 6K HD video cameras, LED lighting and digital sound recording equipment, which enables us to shoot to the very highest production standards.

We usually work with a small crew of one, two or three staff plus the client's advisor with whom we will have been working since the beginning of the project.

We always work with the same crew i.e. lighting cameramen, sound recordist, grip and auto-cue operator where required. This way we stay consistent and the quality of our productions are always to the very highest standards. Our cameramen, sound recordist and lighting technician have all had extensive training and many years’ experiences in film, video and television production. They are at the top of their profession and always strive to achieve the best recorded images and sound possible.

In many instances only a single cameraman is required. This is typically the case with smaller corporate video productions and presentations. We only ever use the required amount of staff to keep within budget. In cases where only a single cameraman is required your costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

We have experience in a wide variety of projects including:

Corporate video, infomercials, training videos, educational programmes, music videos, commercial DVDs, music concerts and documentaries.

We have access to many professional studios ranging from a basic corporate conference room to a fully kitted out broadcast production studio.

Regardless of your requirements, we can usually accommodate you.

Our fees for location filming and production work within the UK are 800 UKP per day (plus expenses) for a single lighting cameraman. Extra charges are applicable if more crew members are required. Typically we quote for an entire bespoke job specifically tailored to your needs and requirements. Productions carried out this way usually work out cheaper than our standard daily rate.