XDCAM HD camera
Latest state-of-the-art HD video camera equipment
Latest state-of-the-art lighting equipment

Generic Pool Productions use the very latest professional 4K and 6K HD video cameras that ensure the very highest picture quality for your video production. Our HD cameras are all tapeless solid-state models, which allow us to shoot and edit in a non-destructive way. This keeps the footage pristine from acquisition through to the final rendered master. Our non-destructive RAW workflow delivers stunning images.

We shoot and edit natively in RAW 4K and 6K digital formats that is typically ‘down-converted’ to 1080, 2K or 4K for Internet distribution.

A video shot in 4K or 6K and then down-converted to 1080 (for example) for web distribution will look better than a production shot in 1080 resolution from the outset. This is because during the shooting stage we are capturing a lot more information to start with, which yields sharper video with more detail, more tonal range and superior colours.

Our lighting equipment is also modern LED equipment that has no colour shift, which yields nicer images. For interviews we typically use the ‘3-point’ lighting set up consisting of a key light, fill light, back light and background light to produce beautiful three-dimensional images. We also have an assortment of reflectors, diffusers, skylights, gels, flags and other accessories to ensure stunning lighting.

Modern high definition productions, especially for Internet distribution, typically favour soft lighting when it comes to filming people. Lighting this way produces far superior –and more flattering – results compared to standard lighting methods using old-fashioned hard lights such as redheads and blondes. The director is a master of lighting, the knowledge of which he attained from his professional stills photography background.

Our postproduction equipment consists of Apple Mac computers running DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro, Photoshop and Capture One Pro 20 software packages.

Generic Pool Productions equals great images, great sound, great end product!