Expert and friendly advice from concept to completion

Whether it's for a corporate video, commercial DVD, website, social media or YouTube, we have learned that a client's main concern is how to get from concept to completion. At Generic Pool Video Productions we totally understand this and therefore know exactly how to extract your basic ideas and turn them into visual images and a great looking final video.

The way we achieve this is by asking you to outline, and explain, in simple detail your proposal. We then move on to putting together a shooting script, shot list and shooting schedule.

The shooting schedule is influenced by locations, resources, time and budget. We always aim to work within your timeframe and budget.

There are a lot of reasons for the expanded demand for video production. Many companies require video for their websites, social media channels and YouTube. Also, making a video is a lot sexier than creating yet another written report or brochure.

One thing that has made this shift from print to moving images possible is that these days it often costs no more to produce and distribute an informational video than to put out a full colour glossy brochure. And, with the internet, social media, your website and YouTube, a video is likely to command much more attention from your target audience than a brochure ever could, which may be perceived as "just one more damn thing to read."